Swedish Massage

$65.00 60 minutes



Swedish massage aims to soothe sore muscles and provide relaxation. Swedish massage uses long connective strokes and both light and firm pressure to provide muscle relief and relaxation.

Swedish massage is sometimes called a classic massage because it is one of the most common forms of massage therapy. If you want to relax, decompress, and get relief from muscle tension, this massage is perfect for you. Swedish massage is also ideal for anyone who has never received a professional massage — trust us, after the first one, you will be back for more!

What is Swedish Massage?
A traditional Swedish massage involves the entire body, and it is meant to relax you. The licensed massage therapist will incorporate various movements and techniques into the massage. They will use long, connective strokes in the same direction as blood going toward the heart. This improves circulation and flexibility while easing tension throughout the body. Your licensed massage therapist will also use kneading, tapping, deep circular movements, and vibration throughout the session.

Benefits of Swedish Massage
Swedish massage therapy relaxes the muscles, increases blood oxygen levels, and decreases stress. It can relieve cramps, loosen joints, and stimulate blood circulation. Swedish massage can relieve symptoms from asthma, arthritis, chronic back pain, and more.

This type of massage is well-suited for anyone who sits at a desk all day and has a tight neck or frequent headaches. Let your licensed massage therapist know during the initial consultation if you have areas of particular concern so they can focus on those areas.


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